Ancient Canaano-Mediterranean Names and Nouns of Interest


hyll    The Morningstar or Daystar ("son/own of šḥr ", fallen from heaven : Is. 14:12); seemingly from yll / hylyl (howl, wail, lament) — a Spitzvokalisierung for a name from Aramaic yll, ʔll (act spy-like)?


yhwh    The 'Tetragrammaton', the name of the Supreme God among the Hebrews. From verb root hwh. Compare the rare Y-nouns, viz. yqwm [ < qwm ], ynšwp [ < nšp ] & the Arabic ya-12w3 forms.


mbrḥ    mibrāḥ : [ from brḥ ] fugitive, escapee, refugee (Ez. 17:21)
mdbr    midbār : 1) main Hebrew word for "desert"; 2) [ from dbr ] place where speech or affairs occur, i.e. mouth (Song of Songs 4:3)
mzḥ    mezaḥ : [ from Eg. md ] pier, breakwater or dock for ships (Is. 23:10)


ṣr    1) Tyre; 2) a once-mighty power "in the midst of the Sea" (Ez. 27:32), possibly identical with Ṣor-Ṣidon, "the Bestowess of Crowns" (Is. 23), a stronghold island of "traders who are princes" claimed by a cataclysmic end