Is the desire to but see oneself not the dream of a vain spirit? Is the desire to (also) have someone to give gifts to not the desire of a Sun-like one?

Let it be heard: There was an Agent unlike others, who had been alone all his life. One day his eyes fell upon a crownless emptiness that kept whispering promises of reception and subjection. For the sake of novelty, the Agent quickly stepped into it and according to an enlightened judgment filled it with all the life-advancing things that no one had had the mind to yearn for. And then he went on to make sure they would not go to waste.

God is for maintaining free will and your right to choose — right or wrong. The Devil is for taking away that right (using the threat of death), and for making everyone identical clones bent on killing the creatures of God; the killers damning their souls in the process.

He who shares of his excess and (merely) plays with inanimates, imitates the Arranger. He who enjoys imitating the Arranger, has a Filial life. And he who lives thus still has hope of adding to the good things in existence — provided that he comes in time to also recognize the would-be subverters; including those who employ the brainwashed Concept-worshippers to parasitize on folk more each passing month (using appeal-to-instinct phrases) while pretending to be civil servants. What is the first thought of him who tumbles at or whose feet hurt after every attempted advancement, if not to look whether or not logs have been placed in his path!

Faithless is the one who says farewell when the road darkens. Fool is the one who jumps slavishly at the behest of the faithless (the see-if-can manipulators, misery farmers and would-be idols) who spew false drama, and are only capable of loving unwavering strength.

The impossibility of warmth is the one thing which spells a slow, icy death for all worlds! Weary is the sin-load of those that inflict it (without escape) upon those through whom the First Gift-giver would see His gifts made known.

"Don't do like I do, do like I say" — Verily those who advise actions but never initiate them (or worse, advise actions which a trial proves harmful) are not your educators or moral authorities. But for him who keeps knocking, the door shall be opened — regardless of how openers of doors are viewed by Idol-worshippers.

In the end, all may be music . . . Even if few would hear the music that is in the air in a place where the Cold Reflector of Night has been allowed absolute domination (to raise Red Tides for her own amusement without accountability).

Lend sufficient authority to rocks or their worshippers, and soon we shall all be raised to be lie-abouts.

Were (at least the concept of) love ever to be hijacked, it, too, would of course be hijacked by those who wish to receive the most and are able to give back the least — if any. (Let any able 4-D thinker here with two good ears listen..)

A danger, one nowadays conscripted en mass to spread ignorance, is the fool who has been convinced that giving candy to a baby every time it cries is a solution; or that a bottom-broken thing can be a container and not (quickly enough) leak whatever beneficial or anything else one might attempt to insert in it.

Truly an edge over "the Matrix" has the one who realizes that some dilemmas (just like riddles posed by giants guarding the sleep of kings) may have multiple answers, and dares to choose the one for which he would be reprimanded by agents of the Amassers.

To those whose souls have been long ravaged and their Vineyards gnawed near death by the everyday tyranny of Suited Pirates and their Courtesanry, the only vessel of Grace (through the bestowal of inspirations) remaining may be such Maritime Sound-hoards which can induce Sprouts and Fruitbearingness even against one's experience.

A man emptied of fear and immediate sentiments in a long torture by his isolators knows finally the worth of things around him, and the proper objects of affection — regardless of how much he is still able to feel it.

And as for your common future, I cannot help but wonder: Are these, imprisoned (or hidden) in such awesome smallness and amidst undeniable degradation and power-worship, ones with hope or potential to ever alone realize a "Vision of the Mustard-Tree" — on their familiar animal level, with all the cosmic killers?

And what do all the Strings look together, once Proper Light is added — once full supporting-weight is included in the picture?

Verily, a mind that is not fooled by one deceitful thing or another — which not only "lives" but actively refuses to die — may hope for a glimpse . . .

But now, the Ground is not being Tilled, the Shoot does not grow, and where the are no branches of Good, the Birds of the Sky shall not come and land. Instead, the secret string-pullers (children of another father?), thieves and thief-helpers are steering the steps of humanity toward global enslavement and an inevitable judgment by our Betters (who are not of this earth).

"Let ye be perfect the way that God is perfect." Shall we then say: Let whatever would rob one of love (the Providers' good ability directable even at Gimme-Gimmes, or its object — even a Magnum Opus long fought for) or of means to attain a man-worthy future, be regarded as a tool of the greedy, and a weed to be trampled on the way to claim unstoppably what one cannot go without?

Verily, do not be surprised by the moral inabilities of the Takers-Only... but absolutely, "positively" plough on through to every Due Experience while you can still enjoy them — before the unceasing thievery has emptied you within and without.

Is it a divine thing, to keep placing Valuable Goodness in the reach of Take-only Munchers and to be fully aware of what one is doing? Yes and no. Yes, as it proves one who can keep it up for long to be either better than the self-servers, or a fool — the two things that people assign to holy figures. And no, since a man feeding the maws of the Void and the Ingrates still remains but a man, and therefore unable to give such a world its rightful due like God (or other cosmic agents superior to mankind) would.

MEAN-WHILE . . . War prevails, and it is artificially rekindled, for financial profit (with the additional side-benefit of keeping humanity in its place). You who recrown its spreaders, and instinctively do away with genuine peacebearers and celebrate the in-disguise killers and thieves who have learned your ways and how to please your thirst for any kind of excitement — what have you to expect but to be soon made to reap that which you have sown?