— :   If my 40 years in Finland taught me anything, it is that human warmth, not to mention the proper realization of imagination whose like has not been heard of in the "get drunk, be quick" North, is unfeasible in a convent-like adult kindergarten  —  a freezer of enforced hermitry where self-destructive schoolfish abetters of insanity keep running away from those who are responsible for everyone not dying  —  thus advancing the "state, not family" design of their Roman string-pullers who seek to keep all Stockholm-syndromed rabotniks apart from their natural rights, property, and even unprompted desires and the very hope for better (should the poor munchers of merciless tollbooth uncompassion not realize how their chains are being constantly tightened).   : —

Friday —— October 15 2021

A musical selection for our times — that is to say, for the on-the-doorstep time known to those of us who were treated like lepers and worse during our kleptocracy-blocked "life" inside the Nordic variant of the modern (coldness, vanity and greed serving) societas inversa — and which has become a tool of ultra-rich control freaks who are currently attempting to complete their dystopian (or "Sauronic", as another would have termed it) vision for the planet. And yet perhaps, just perhaps. . . . the principled and unbribable all-naturals who are still here to witness an odd-numbered decade pass its midpoint shall know something else than abuse and spitbucketry in exchange for their acts of compassion and mercy, as well as for speaking the truth.

          Vangelis  —  Fields of Coral

          Narsilion  —  En la Memoria del Vent

          Don Edwards  —  Coyotes

          Ensiferum  —  Little Dreamer

          David Arkenstone  —  The Quest

          Summoning  —  Northward

          David Arkenstone  —  The Silence of Snow

          Jerry Goldsmith  —  It's a Long Road (Instrumental)

          Mark Snow  —  Northern Lights

Friday —— September 3 2021

Neo-Quenya phrase of the day:

          Alassë tien (ná) i sinna engwínen tarfastainë olir (= *tarfastaryar).    (Happiness is for them who still become high-pleased by things.)

The fruit of the example above is 1) to give idea on how to translate "to enjoy", 2) to show how the pattern "who is/are ..ed by.." can be employed to clarify who is the subject and who the object in a case when a more direct phrasing would result in ambiguity on the matter, thanks to Quenya's Nom./Acc. Pl. relative pronoun (i), and 3) to demonstrate how Eldarin *-s(ja)- would produce (more) inceptive Q. verbs from adjectives. (Cp. Finnish -ua/-yä and -ahtaa/-ähtää.)

Friday —— May 28 2021

A batch of Sindarin neologisms . . . .  conveying (peradventure) one more flash of mythopoetic fairhood to a Hither Shore gone horribly hitech-1920's-esque.

* amlenna-  vb. (intr.)    to move up, ascend      [< AM; G-LED]
* mbarna-, mbarnada-  vb. (tr.)    to settle, colonize      [< MBAR (cp. SKAR / TAK)]
* caen, caeg  adj.    lying-down, horizontal      [< KAY (cp. KUY, MOY / POY, SPAY)]
* cae(n)a-  vb. (intr.)    lie horizontally      [< KAY (cp. KUY, TUY)]
* cenedren, cenethren  adj.    visual      [< KEN (*-rina)]
* dadlenna-  vb. (intr.)    to move down, descend      [< DAT; G-LED]
* dawen; fuinui  adj.    nightly, nocturnal      [< DOƷ; PHUY]
* echeria-  vb. (tr.)    to encircle      [< ET; KOR]
* glirion {m.}; glirieth {f.}  n.    bard      [< G-LIR (cp. KIR, PHIR)]
* gondra-  vb. (tr.)    to stone, cast rocks at      [< GON (cp. WATH)]
* gordhada-; rhangada-  vb. (tr.)    to make difficult, hamper, hinder      [< GUR; SRAG/SRAK (cp. TAK)]
* hal-danwedhu(i); ndanwedh-ondren, -onnu  adj.    of high ransom, i.e. expensive      [< KHAL, NDA-N, WED (*-ond- aug., *-wa adj.)]
* iphathra-  vb. (tr.)    to "fill with years", i.e. to age      [< KWAT]
* maebethra-  vb. (tr.)    to speak well of, bless with words      [< KWET (cp. WATH)]
* maera-, advaera-, -da-  vb. (tr.)    to atone, compensate      [< MAY (cp. KEW / TAK)]
* meneth, menw  n.    (the act or idea of) going      [< MEN (cp. WAN, GAL, YAY)]
* morna-, mornada-  vb. (tr.)    to blacken (or darken) sth      [< MOR (cp. SKAR / TAK)]
* nelphen(i)  n.    trio      [< NEL; KWE-N (*-iie)]
* rhondren  adj.    bodily, corporeal      [< SRON]
* sad(o)faer  n.    place-mood, atmosphere      [< SAT; WO; PHAY]
* saela-, saelada-  vb. (tr.)    to wisen, educate      [< SAY (cp. SUY / TAK)]
* tasta-, ethasta-  vb. (tr.)    to point out, indicate      [< TAS]
* thang(r)a-  vb. (tr.)    to pressure or oppress      [< THAG (cp. DRING / WATH)]
* tregar-  vb. (tr.)    to complete as task, finish      [< KAR (cp. NYAR)]

P.S. ~:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlKnspGmm3k  &  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV5UGmgkFo4

Saturday —— May 1 2021

If you only watch one YouTube video this May Day weekend, make it this one.

Sunday —— March 28 2021

Since no practical (one should hope!) new things should go to waste, let me present here the current (and as the onrolling and disturbing societo-political circumstances seem to dictate, possibly also the final) stage of my Euroslavic "kit" designed on the basis of and to be largely compatible with Esperanto ad amplitudinem cupitam. . . . A conlinguistic equivalent of an "Advanced Dungeon Boardgame X" rulebook, if you will.

LOCATIVE ADVERB (Esp. -e) :   -ie (-au), -de
DYNAMIC ADVERB (Esp. -en) :   -ud, -mau (-mon)
TEMPORAL ADVERB (Esp. -au) :   -iu [unstressed], -(d)am

ADJECTIVE CASES (optional and obligatory) :   Gsg. -av-a, -an-a; Dsg. -av-u, -an-u; [NApl. -iv, -in]; Gpl. -av-iĥ, -an-iĥ; Dpl. -av-im, -an-im
NOUN CASES (optional and obligatory) :   (-V >) Gsg. -ega; Dsg. -eyu (-emau); [Npl. (-V >) -(uv)i, -(eg)i, -i(ata)]; Gpl. -uo(v), (same as stem), -eo(v); Dpl. -uom, -aom, -eom; Inst-Ess. pl. -(i)emi
DERIVATIONAL SUFFIXES :   -adlo, -idlo (a means for ..ing); -(i)anyo (action noun, verbal noun); -est(v)o, -ost(v)o; -imno (abstract noun); -arno (-elno), -isko (-iŝto) (place of/for ..ing)

INFINITIVE :   -ati / -it [generic / one-time]; -avit, -uvit [habitual]
PRESENT TENSE :   -(i)am, -(i)aŝ, -(i)a/-i, -(i)ame, -(i)ate, -(i)ayu/-(i)ant
PAST/PERFECT TENSE :   -il sem, -il sei, -il, -ili sme, -ili ste, -ili
ACTIVE PARTICIPLE :   -a(n)ĉav, -u(n)ĉav

ADVERBS :   dano ('yes'); besdruge, samotne, suosame ('alone, on one's own'); besplatn-e, -em ('free of charge'); boldobre, bolepŝe ('better'); vi(e)c-/bol-pózniu ('later [on]'); danésiu ('today'); domie, (v)udome ('at home'); dost-(aĉn)om, -atnom ('enough'); dvakraze ('twice'); gotovost(v)em, gotovinem ('in cash'); ispravne ('correctly'); lahkaĉe ('easily'); liedve ('barely'); nadal(e); yoŝte ('adhuc'); naipirvem ('firstly'); nutrie, (v)unutre ('indoors'); obiĉaine ('usually'); potiam, pósliu ('then, afterwards'); prav-teras, -sudam ('right now, as we speak'); pre-liŝ, -viŝ ('too, excessively'); pret-em, -nun ('ago'); proste ('simply, just'); puodobne ('similarly'); riétkiu ('rarely, seldom'); riĥle, hitre ('quickly, fast'); rovnaĉe ('equally'); (ŝe)len, (sam)yenom ('only, just'); skor-au, -ud ('almost, nearly'); snade, muoĵ(d)e ('perhaps'); spietud, naĝat ('zurück'); suĉe, tukak ('in this way'); sude, tukie ('hereat'); sumau ('hither, this way[!]'); taĉe, onak ('in that way'); tamau ('there; thither'); tiedam, ondam ('at that time/moment'); troĥom ('slightly'); uĉériu ('yesterday'); usp(i)eŝne ('successfully'); úĵdiu (usviedam), prísniu ('always'); zvenkau, razvie ('outdoors'); vielom, mnogom ('much, a lot'); viec-e, boly-e, -om ('more'); yútriu ('tomorrow')

PREPOSITIONS :   aĵdo-f, -v ('up to, as far as'); bezle ('without'); bliskau ('near'); bokrau ('next to, beside'); do-f, -v ('to, into'); iĝat, ĝat ('behind'); iz; od, -le (-na) ('from'); ĵak, kiak ('like, same way as'); kes(e) / kso; preo ('for'); na-, u-miestau ('instead of'); neĵel, ĵakot ('than'); ob(u) ('about, concerning'); os(u), us(u) ('with, by'); pot ('under, beneath'); potĉas (= dóbiu, pridob) na/..-ega ('during'); preĵed / preĵdau ('in front of'); protif, -ko ('against, opposing'); p(u)osle, dopuos (na) ('after, since'); radim (na) ('because of, due to'); smierem (= dosmier) na/..-ega ('toward'); (s)uzdorau, mimo ('despite'); ug(u) ('at the place of, with'); (u)skros / uĉres ('through, via'); ustried-le, -na ('in the middle of, amidst'); vo, vu ('in, at')

RELATIVE PRONOUN :   kiter-o (-i), ki(t)o
INTERROGATIVES :   ĉu(t)o, ki(t)o ('what'); ku-tu, ki-tu ('who'); kude, kide ('where'); kádiu, kiedam ('when'); kak (kaĉe), kiak ('how'); ĉemau ('why')
INDEFINITE PRONOUNS :   usvo, usvetko ('everything'); usvi, [sg.] usvetku, kaĵdu ('everyone'); usvude ('everywhere'); usviak-av, -an ('every kind of'); (ŝ)ne-kude ('somewhere'); kude-kolvi ('anywhere') [etc.]

CONJUNCTIONS :   ale, nodor ('but'); hoĉetud, a(ĉ)kolie, miakor ('[even] though'); ponyeĵe, (bo)kier ('because'); ĉim.. tim ('the [..er].. the [..er]'); deĵe ('given that'); do-kiad/-kiam, dokaŝne ('until'); ĵab-e, -ir ('so that'); an(i)ep, ili ('or'); preĵd(i)am, préĵdiu kiad/kiam, (s)ranieŝ ('before'); yestli; ak-au, -or ('if')
THE CARDINAL NUMBERS :   yednu (yen-)dvatriŝtirpietŝestsedemosemdevetĝeset (deset)
THE WEEKDAYS :   poned-yalko/-yelkoutorkostriedoĉetvirtkopiatko/pietkosuobotoniedel(v)o

VERB STEMS :   biv-, yest- ('be'); dav- ('give'); (u+/s+)del-, (u+)rob-, (u+)ĉin- ('do, make'); im- ('have, hold'); kup- ('buy'); molv- / mluv-, govorb- ('speak, talk'); muoĵ- ('be able, can'); n(u)os- ('carry; wear'); prid-, priĥaĝ-, pribiv- ('come'); (puoĵ+)id- ('go'); puoved-, kaz(v)- ('say, utter'); (s+)rozum- ('understand'); (na+/u+)slied- ('follow'); (s)navied-, naleĵ-, obreŝt- ('find, locate'); spomyen-, spomn- ('remember'); sprodav(-uv)- ('sell'); treb- ('must, have to'); vieĝ-, znav- ('know'); ĉist- ('read')

Sunday —— March 14 2021

All bars and restaurants in Finland are now closed, under pretext of rigged "infection" numbers — which are the manufactured result from overcycled PCR tests being pushed on an ever-growing crowd on "non-symptomatic" (aka HEALTHY) suckers, combined with additional I-T trickery (confirmed).

Hence, all poor devils stuck in Finland (a Canadian-type culture of blackmailer-bootlicking and settle-for-scraps enthusiasm even before 'Covid'!) whose soul-fires the freezing and non-responsive mute idols and the bottomless greed of the state have not yet extinguished are going to have to come up with new ways and venues for making skirtpiercing memories for themselves — to cherish wherever they will be spending and/or fighting the pharmaco-fascist prison planet which looms ever nearer in the horizon.

The newcomer Finns in, say, Eastern Helsinki and Vantaa are going to be naturally more ingenious, energetic and success-attaining in this venture. And all the pale aunty-pleasing bellhops around the country would do well to toss away their gayborg smartphones and start asking why that is so, and then proceed to follow in the footsteps of the unweaned-from-life and demand-some-before-you-fucking-die posse.

Saturday —— March 6 2021

The final step of maturation for the Set-Apart is an all-changing removal of a veil from their eyes . . . . in realisation of the width of the gaping oppositional gulf between the follow-the-trend world of the Skull 'n Bones, and the call-them-what-you-will subcreational imaginings of the Set-Apart.

Between the thoughts and plans of the now self-exposed life-worseners, slave-suffocators and chattle-branders — and the thoughts of the ape-transcending possibility-entertainers.

One who has also managed to somehow avoid the traps responsible for Average Joes' mental uncuriosity and passivization, and takes an itinerant's breather, standing alone on a bridge somewhere will never be able to look at any city building or red night-lights high above the cold and earth-trampling "keep 'em where you find 'em" complex the same way again after that.

Oh, how I once wanted so bad to be a part of that oblivious whirl and rush! . . . . Albeit in that case I, too, might today be caught in and eating up all the fraudulent fear porn that the modern smartie cyborgs are being bombarded with from the idiot screens 24/7.

It was very close.

Becoming a puppet and a guinea-pig of "Beastly is as beastly does".

Sunday —— February 14 2021

Any singular individual's klepto-backstabbed life and uninterrupted solitary ordeal admittably matters far less today, in comparison with the larger nightmarish bellum taciturnum . . . . where the psychopathic global elite are attempting to steal —— with the help of a misused "test" and relabeled deaths (II) —— the very ability to bodily self-determination from EVERY SINGLE HUMAN. Just as they have already succeeded in stealing from us all the treadable (and still untrodden) adventure-roads of our fair planet.

The only question that remains is, are you yet awake enough and familiar with history's ever-cyclical nature to fight back —— or will you rather get, as a TV- and smartphone-guided kettle-frog, to watch your status as a free and healthy individual (along with your remaining personal rights!) be suddenly snatched from you, full 1930's style, as the months quickly pass and that moment arrives?

Friday —— December 25 2020

As we are all getting ready to discover our own additional (and more often than not, dark) surprises and meeds of man-effort this turn of the year has in store, it is of course also noteworthy that this been another year without (among other things) much publication-related updates from people like semitist and dialectal reconstructionist Steve Caruso of aramaicnt.org, or even from Hodder & Stoughton regarding their own new "Teach Yourself Aramaic" book which was first scheduled to be published back in October 2019. . . . . Hence, I present herewith yet another easily self-supplementable archaeo-style document wherein one finds gathered common elements from the Targumic period.


Another Aramaic manual which has recently been made available online can be examined here.

I myself have also uploaded my old Classical Syriac – Finnish vocabularium which may yet see a few additions here and there.

Friday —— July 10 2020

  • ADJ :   croð-iol, -ien "difficult"
  • NN :   car(a)v "wagon, wain, transport"; dâ / dû(v) "day"; (g)lom(b)r / lhom(b)r "fog"; gobonc "mouth"; tesg-ad, -ed "text"
  • PRP :   sinth-en, -o(n) "ago"
  • SFF :   -gynt, -chynt / -ðeg, -theg "-ty" (num.)
  • VB :   gwisg-a/u- (intr.) "start, take up (..ing)"; me/molth-a/u- "tell, declare"

Wednesday —— July 8 2020

  • NN :   ʰennath-ar, -av; ʰenthinog "ancestor, forefather"; nummegol "coin"; ovran(d) "sky"
  • NUM :   daiv; traich; tessair (tess); pennaid (pent); sessaig (seuch); sebaith (seuth) Practical/interim (?) Cardinal numbers 2 — 7
  • SFF :   -a/och (-go, -cho) Single animal noun; -vo(r), -pho(r) [< cōnspic-uus] "-able, -ible"; rha(n)-, rhy(n)- Augmentative
  • VB :   faen-a/u- "shine, be noticeable"

Sunday —— July 5 2020

  • ADJ :   criss-ui, -eu "grey"; ithil, -ien [< B] "quiet"
  • NN :   fe/fynuil, fevli "family"; ⁱorður [< B] "care, control"; ieurod, iuir(i)ad "right, entitlement"; or(o)ð "hour"; osdov "maw, animal mouth"; pasdel "cake"; (u)gunt, uðunt [< B] "ship"
  • PN (other) :   cē̆d / pui, -v "what?"
  • SFF :   -g/iar(n), -vor(n) Ordinal number
  • VB :   duith-a/u- "say, tell"; ioera/u-; ag- "do, make"; poed-a/u-, po(do)thr-a/u- "be able, can"

Thursday —— July 2 2020

  • ADJ :   prestag "ready"; t/thachor, t/thaor [< B] "old"
  • NN :   ae(d)and "face"; brussed, brÿnnin "breast"; c/haðar, c/hathroch "town"; cloth(i)uil, clossuil "ear"; ferch(id)od [< OFris. ferech] "liveliness, being alive"
  • PN (personal) :   ynnoeᵛ; yssoeᵛ; ylloeᵛ/ynthoeᵛ "us; ye; them" (Acc.)
  • PRP :   co/cy(-ð, -v) Accusative preposition (esp. for vowel-first nouns)
  • SFF :   -Vvreg, -Vvri(a)n; -aurian, -uirian; -a/udaul, -idaul Place for ..ing; -loð, -roð Sth found in or emanating from the host noun
  • VB :   cleuth-a/u-, *clemm-a/u-, *clebed- "steal"; gwaul-a/u- gw/(m)b "desire, wish"; lesg-a/u- [< αρέσκω] "please, make fond"; thongr-a/u- [< B] "put"

Tuesday —— June 30 2020

  • ADJ :   iaveb, ioeb [< OFris. iēve] "will-do"
  • ADV :   fuilⁱev "much, a lot"; paugev/pauchev "slightly, a little"; savno "together"
  • NN :   anner "young woman"; eur(a)-walt, -wolt w/i "violence"; iurth (cp. OFris. wurth) "ancestral dwelling"; paun, panchor; avro(ð) "bread"; savach "taste, flavour"; s/tuin, -(i)ad "reconciliation, compromise"; suv(e)r, -(a)ed "summer"; y/ethwin [< OFris. stō] "space, room"
  • PRP :   (l)umphanc; t/dynchirch "around"; ry(ng); iað / iui Dative-sense prepositions (sometimes #1 is used for the Accusative)

Sunday —— June 28 2020

  • ADV :   neⁱv-iev, neiv-i(o) "too much"
  • NN :   b/pwrvloð "bubble"; cav(a)n/camman "step"; duvn "world"; ʰesber, ʰysber "evening"; honthr [< B] "sand"; iavanc/ievenc "hand"; lhanc, athlanc "side, flank"; maechan "machine, mechanism"; ôg, ogl(a-) / oguil "eye"; rauðertheb [< raudus] "five-cent coin (EU)"; taub-an, -os [< B] "lid"; ystagr, yssagr "hound(s)"
  • PN (personal) :   enaich; ewaich; elaich/edaich "we; ye; they" (Nom.) [cp. B -ek; CGr. -εῖς]
  • PN (other) :   tavod / tûd "all, everything"; (o)evniw "all (persons)"; seu / sui [< οἵ-ο-], ˢo-dý/-bý [w/ τί- vs. quī]; thoer¹ "which, that; was, chto" (rel.)
  • SFF :   -erth; -orth Adj./Participle of transient trait; -eg(o)l, -uigol; -deb, -theb Diminutive noun; (n)iv- / (n)ᵃev- [w/ L im- = in-; cp. Du. af-] potential Neg. prefix (vs. cheu-, cheⁱn-)
[¹   < B zer "what"; OFris. thēr "der, welcher".]

Thursday —— June 25 2020

aeᵃth, oes(t) [< -αϊστί] "in language X" Suffix/Prep. (as Essive/Translative = saoᶜʰ)  —  agr-od, -oth "(political) power"  —  -a/olch; -i/ylch Adverbial Participle (Ru. -yá)  —  hod; ýno, inno [< ἵνα] "that, que" (conj.)  —  ceun "dog(s)"  —  có-neuch, -nwch "night"  —  dusgol, dysgol "difficult"  —  gwer(r-); gwerrad "war" (concept; sg.)  —  (h)uiryn "peace"  —  ⁱanthui; emrosᵗ [< έμπροσθεν] "before, prior to"  —  neᵍᵉss-iol, -aer/s, -ien(ui) [w/ genus] "necessary"  —  num(m-), nymmⁱʷ; peng-er, -ir; eiriur [< άργυρ-ο-] "money"  —  o/evau; o/ethau (o/echau); o/edau (o/elau) "I; thou; (s)he"  —  pa/pyðaur "word"  —  (g)reug [< λύκ-ο-] "wolf (= gryg-, myd-osson) or coll. wolves"  —  -(w)aeth, -uith Verbal nouns/events

Tuesday —— June 23 2020

amm-ᵃeg, -er [< B ama] "mother"  —  athav, athar [< Aq. atta] "father"  —  -aurob (-ongob, -asgen), -uireb (-engob, -isgen); (intr.) -onnag Active Participle¹  —  cervaith "beer"  —  codost, cothas(c) [< B kutxa] "box"  —  drung, trung [< Gaul.] "crowd"  —  ⁱaur / ⁱongr-oⁿ, -i [< B]; nydant "in front of"  —  lh/libw [< aliquo-] "something"  —  lher-end, -ond [< B alderantzi] "back(side)"  —  lh/luidor ui/ae; oelt (oelth-) "shore, coast"  —  (p)olch [< Gaul. olc-a-] "patch of (farm)land"  —  seuth, teuth "folk; area of a particular folk"  —  ta(ma)ng; swchr "sugar"  —  teiern, tuiern; ᵍond; daomad "house, building"  —  temmor, temᵖhor "time" (n.)  —  tôv / tom(m-); cauð-eg, -igian "book" (n.)  —  tuilphon "phone" (n.)

[¹   B -(au)ten, -(a)tzen, -(i)tzen. — Also note the accidentally similar CGr. impf. 3sg. εδίδασκεν (not present in the conscious mind during the inventing) whose appearance in Mark 1:21 brings to mind the adverbial use of -āns, -ēns in Latin.]

Sunday —— June 21 2020

aul, eil(i)o; gion, giol "with, by, using"  —  c/hoðonc [< B hagin] "tooth"  —  casd-en, -ol; sabant "every"  —  fuin; muil(i)er, muier "woman"  —  (g)wion, (g)weðoⁿ; unuᵛ "if"  —  gwîr (gwiri-) "man" (n.)  —  hui(d)arth "now; nowadays"  —  ⁱallwb, ⁱathlwb [< B aldapa] "slope" (n.)  —  -isd-/-ithr- Causative or Opinional Verb suffix (for adj. stems)  —  mair "sea"  —  ovrost / ovroch /-χ/ [< βρωσι-] "meal, food"  —  parth-(enn)yn, -enwin; gweiryn "virgin (female)"  —  sadaer, sydaer "iron" (n.)  —  trâ (tracha-) [< Gaul. trag-]; peðenc, pethenc "foot" (n.)

Friday —— June 19 2020

achob-, a(e)ob- "love"  —  -annu, -onnu [< -andum ad / B -ondu]; -ien [< -iendum (ad)] Infinitive  —  ⁱasg-en, -ren "previous, latest"  —  certhen, cern-; ióbaer "positive"  —  duith; dichovn "utterance"  —  iw(g); hedo [B (e)ta &al.] "and"  —  -ew, -iew [< -ês]; -ir ('fpl.'); -oed [< -ia & B -oet- (-oak)]; -(a)van/-wan regular noun-plurals  —  -ov(o)n; -Vph; -Vrn "what-is-..ed" noun  —  rag, -os; bóð, -ag; *baidyd [< επειδή] "because"  —  ryd(o), syr(o), ʰysser [< B -(te)ra, -tzera] "to, into"  —  (ry) mhauᵛ; (ry) thauᵛ; (ry) lauᵛ "me; thee; him (her)"  —  -win, -yn; -er; -uich (-ych) 'feminine' noun-endings

Wednesday —— June 17 2020

-ail / -uil; -edr-un [< feretrum] Tool noun (& psb. "occasion-of-..ing" for intransitive stems)  —  udur / sydaor "water"  —  graud-i, -(i)ad; esg(e)r, -ad "thanks"  —  i (h-) / ʰon; heu / ʰen-ᵃeg, -yn; hi (ð-) / ʰûd [< οὕτ-ω(ς)] "the" / 3sg pronoun  —  (au)borth "must"  —  -eiδi, -iδian [< -í(j)a-] Abstract noun  —  -wlt [< B -aldi, -untza], -ad; -uith Action noun  —  pád- / paud- "one"  —  (sy)gioⁿ; [o]enc¹; c(w)antha, c(w)yntha "with"  —  (van)av; eus, ech(av); ʰyged "from, desde"

[¹   Inspired, yet 'traceable' to B ekin or CGr. εγγύς.]

Sunday —— June 14 2020

Temporal adverbs and other elements in (G)lobuilic.

gorwai(n); ondôe "yesterday"  —  huiδôe "today"  —  mor-wai(n), man-wai(n) "tomorrow"  —  iasgev; bastonnev "enough"  —  meir; ceuchiev; amlev "more"  —  brui(o) [< breʋ-] "soon"  —  ymmer, (ym)men; m/mhynth-i, -o "but, however"  —  monvod; solvod (*sollui¹) "only, just"  —  -on; ðui; van, vyn [< dē/ē manū] "of"  —  dan, dyn / ny(d) [< -δε & B -(et)an]; drau, drw "at; in"  —  sú, -v; ᵍwes(s) "toward(s)"  —  leⁿ; n(d)ae "at, on" (time)  —  iwst(on) "next to, beside"  —  -uidron, -iodron/ren; -w(i)sdev, -rion (-lion), ithui(r) (+ cpv./pos.) Comparative; Superlative  —  -vod, -(i)o; der (+ adj) Adverb of manner

[¹   With suffix *-rui < #-rē < L adverbs.]

Tuesday —— June 9 2020

Colour-names in (G)lobuilic (< loquēla-), the subject of the previous entry. This is the word-category I have been working on again since last night, and it's also high time to finally attempt to set something in stone (publicly) as regards its morphological fire-hall; a don't-let-usefulness-get-the-best-of-it !

(Colour-adjectives in this language may end either in -ui or -eu.)

corossui, roedhui  —  (n)golthui, amhrellui  —  gwerðui  —  mbarr(on)ui, castannui  —  hwarthui, nengrui  —  ranchui/ranhui  —  blanchui, uthrui  —  (n)glassui, urðinui

Sunday —— April 26 2020

Whatever happens in the following days, months or years, we can all probably agree that sooner rather than later, the very face of Europe shall change in an irreversible manner (for better or for worse). [Accelerating the disappearance of many of the Rarer Wines in the Cellar.]

And since that is the case. . . . have you ever wondered just how much original European (or at least old West-European) spirit could one imbue a single language with — a language born more or less (to explain it simply) from a thought-experiment to retcon history, and replace French with something else (i.e. more personally pleasing) ?

It is what I have been working on these past few days.

Sunday —— April 19 2020


An architectural flash straight out of, and a mist-piercing whisk all the way back to the Golden Age of a certain legacy of travelers . . . .

H. the Caretaker would be proud.

#Pre2000Things #UnfinishedTales #HighFantasy #MirandaicMysteries #JohnWilliams #JillianAversa

Tuesday —— April 14 2020

Photo-encounter of the day :   J. R. R. Tolkien's Letter "# 310 ½"


[ See also https://www.facebook.com/eldalambe/photos/a.194690954670896/695580704581916/. ]

Monday —— April 13 2020

A man who loves truth and detests fakery (all things being exposed under "heaven", allegedly) can make no exceptions regarding this:

He lauds and helps promote a source of love whose good reciprocations he can see; not one which appears imaginary, indifferent (lukewarmness famously meriting what it merits!) or hostile.

May we as creatures of the most apparent reality always remember our worth and strive to display honesty (especially regarding things one cannot do without) in our lives; that is, those of us who are actually capable of doing so!

(If you are, say, one who prefers to do his daily tasks, participate in creating Things of Permanent Value, and eat his meals, before revisiting any drinking holes where the spirit of falsehood and pretentiousness is prevalent — lest he loose his appetite and remember too soon what he has nurtured excessively positive fantasies about.)

#EasterMorning #1Thessalonians5-21

Thursday —— April 9 2020

Let no non-faggot be afraid to declare & quicken the Fair Message this weekend — to whatever music touches him most:

Come, judgment upon the world.

Come, hour of the drained . . . for the rewarding of the demand-but-give-nots.

Come, heavenlies from afar!

. . . and maybe see what rewards and revelations a dead-nerve playing with social taboos soon "receiveth". B–]

Jolly Easter; certainly to all indestructible quick learners who are Playing the Fake Free Market Shytstem.

Tuesday —— April 7 2020

In order to make himself memorable, even to mute & passive antisocials whose so-called "actions" would not reveal it, a man must be able to give rise to emotional sensations.

Though of course, sufficient sensations cannot be produced by a "light tap on the shoulder" these days, anymore.

Sunday —— April 5 2020

Many things including individual inspiration itself might very well prove to be finite due to the works of this soon firebound world of serpents; but all the same — let millennials here take heed! — a Man who has come to know the Zoo and its narrative-flipped inabilities must never himself fail to stand UNBUDGINGLY behind each and every published statement, before his actions lay bare each and every baselessness and false promise from idol-peddlers (as befits an ascertainer of truth who tests things unbiased) — and ultimately discover also his own Shivaic task in relation to the place here spoken of.

(And bear also in mind that the modern klepto-state which tries to bully you out of your inner fire and property alike, and bully everyone to be as helpless, passive and miserable as the Protected Slave Group shall always be disappointed by and chastising towards any energetic spontaneity you are still able to muster. This is always a clear sign that you are on the RIGHT path and should keep pushing things even harder!)

Saturday —— April 4 2020

Enjoyed the bi-monthly privilege of waking up with bloodied saliva and a peculiar taste in my mouth once again. Seems very much like a privilege of the morning-dozer who lives in a high-rise built with Finnish expertise where the wall molds are having a neverending party. ...... The skin of my right hand seems to agree rather firmly.

P.S. In order to simply top things rreeeal good, how about one piggy-back here a couple of fascinating goodies (in Finnish) about the local tap water of Famous Nordic Quality? (Or what still remains available of the information, anyway..) :-}


. . . .

You can say what you will, but we might have finally uncovered the secret behind the world's leading Heavy Metal Nation here.

Friday —— April 3 2020

Quite a hailstorm last night. That and the fantasy movie I felt like watching the other morning made me think also of the various phenomena which even Choosers not blessed with a superior intellect can observe sooner or later (once they start to pay attention to their surroundings!) — including the behavior of uniquely patterned animal-like minds.

Saturday —— March 28 2020

A bathroom symptom yesterday morning could have presaged a corona infection (at least according to Finnish MSM), but since no other indicia have yet appeared, it was more likely a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning (from candles going out near a careless man who had fallen asleep and got lucky once more).

Sunday —— September 15 2019

A Man's fiesta of Lovely (including nutritive supplements) can, should and WILL be practically never-ending, when after a day of snacking — bonused with a nocturnal plate of pasta + root-mixed tomato sauce — one goes to bed, sleeps late and wakes up 1 ½ kilos thinner.

Of course, there aren't many conditions which result in a cachexia of equal efficiency.

Sunday —— October 20-21 2018

Making plans to relocate your unique and valuable vitality — say, from the various loony things that threaten the humanity & goals of mobile folk in places like Finland?

Or simply intending to visit the Polyglot Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia on October 26?

Either way, you might be interested in having a look here for some ideas on peppering your (or my) personalised Esperanto with words better understood in Euro-Slavic countries. . . Not to mention a bundle of (particularly useful!) Old English neologisms. And a couple of other goodies. (Some items — especially ones hopelessly oldschool in order to save time — are simply not to be wasted.)

Sunday —— August 26 2018

How might one express concepts like "(social) company", "customer", "democratic" and "successful" in Neo-Quenya?

Today I made my (public..) value-creating co-contribution be just about that —— and I even did it under 85 minutes. . . But who's counting?

≡  A useful though indirect link  ≡

Sunday —— August 11-12 2018

For the weekend, imagine now, not simply my perfectly formed lumbodorsalities . . .

. . . but also — Proto-Celtic.


From the dead.

Partly in the very least — the word-stems of select nouns and adjectives (or even some verbs) phonologically adapted into, say, Esperanto as "dialectal" prime synonyms..

(a+)kvir-i/-ini   (to buy)
makvo/makkuo   (son)
moinio   (treasure, goods)
sira   (long, A)
trebo   (homestead)
vaito; krovo   (blood, N)
veidi   (to know)


Monday —— July 29-30 2018

"Yea!  ——  Fairer cities once more have I been carried through than exist in lidless indifference;

with soul-quickening Sight-Streets lacquer'd amply with the lagu, until, ride-ended, I switched to foot-journeying and

conversing with my company ascended an odd 'detour' that along with goal's rock-gate

in reunion-joy touching one reveals the nigh name for.

A Day-like warm realness..."

Monday —— May 28 2018

       Interstellar powerfully reminded me of the (dearest and realest) things some places would steal from inside and around a man. . . . as well as of the potential which the Reason behind conflict and amassing attempts to steal from an entire species in each passing generation.

Tuesday —— May 15 2018

       I spent much of the day of E. (on the Fenno-Swedish name-calendar) educationally and speed-affectingly, with Southern European languages (four you would know & one you wouldn't) and with my vintage ride; but I would've rather spent the whole day with a certain Benutzerin of http://ardapedia.herr-der-ringe-film.de, doing much more questionable co-editing 'work'.

Friday —— Dec 1 2017

       After not hearing back from the computer repair place, I paid them a personal visit today. Witnessed the whereabouts and superficially good condition of my property and was again promised a go-to engineer's situation report (by the Diensthabender), this time "before tomorrow". However, at this writing the business hours are over and I have still not been contacted. Should such customer-flouting attitude and silence persist past the weekend, I shall reclaim my laptop on Monday.

Wednesday —— Nov 29 2017

       Added this page with the help of a USB stick and a public computer. Will meet with a paid computing consultant today.

Tuesday —— Nov 28 2017

       Feigning a flawless internet connectivity, my one-year-old HP home laptop can no longer find web pages after an automatic shutdown from low power. Repair attempts with a network reset, Windows 10 diagnostic tools, rebooting etc. proven useless.