Friday —— April 3 2020

Quite a hailstorm last night. That and the fantasy movie I felt like watching the other morning made me think also of the various phenomena which even Choosers not blessed with a superior intellect can observe sooner or later (once they start to pay attention to their surroundings!) — including the behavior of the choiceless animal-like minds.

Saturday —— March 28 2020

A bathroom symptom yesterday morning could have presaged a corona infection (at least according to Finnish MSM), but since no other indicia have yet appeared, it was more likely a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning (from candles going out near a careless man who had fallen asleep and got lucky once more).

Sunday —— September 15 2019

A Man's fiesta of Lovely (including nutritive supplements) can, should and WILL be practically never-ending, when after a day of snacking — bonused with a nocturnal plate of pasta + root-mixed tomato sauce — one goes to bed, sleeps late and wakes up 1 ½ kilos thinner.

Of course, there aren't many conditions which result in a cachexia of equal efficiency.

Sunday —— October 20-21 2018

Making plans to relocate your unique and valuable vitality — say, from the various loony things that threaten the humanity & goals of mobile folk in places like Finland?

Or simply intending to visit the Polyglot Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia on October 26?

Either way, you might be interested in having a look here for some ideas on peppering your (or my) personalised Esperanto with words better understood in Euro-Slavic countries. . . Not to mention a bundle of (particularly useful!) Old English neologisms. And a couple of other goodies. (Some items — especially ones hopelessly oldschool in order to save time — are simply not to be wasted.)

Sunday —— August 26 2018

How might one express concepts like "(social) company", "customer", "democratic" and "successful" in Neo-Quenya?

Today I made my (public..) value-creating co-contribution be just about that —— and I even did it under 85 minutes. . . But who's counting?

≡  A useful though indirect link  ≡

Sunday —— August 11-12 2018

For the weekend, imagine now, not simply my perfectly formed lumbodorsalities . . .

. . . but also — Proto-Celtic.


From the dead.

Partly in the very least — the word-stems of select nouns and adjectives (or even some verbs) phonologically adapted into, say, Esperanto as "dialectal" prime synonyms..

(a+)kvir-i/-ini   (to buy)
makvo/makkuo   (son)
moinio   (treasure, goods)
sira   (long, A)
trebo   (homestead)
vaito; krovo   (blood, N)
veidi   (to know)


Monday —— July 29-30 2018

"Yea!  ——  Fairer cities once more have I been carried through than exist in lidless indifference;

with soul-quickening Sight-Streets lacquer'd amply with the lagu, until, ride-ended, I switched to foot-journeying and

conversing with my company ascended an odd 'detour' that along with goal's rock-gate

in reunion-joy touching one reveals the nigh name for.

A Day-like warm realness..."

Monday —— May 28 2018

       Interstellar powerfully reminded me of the (dearest and realest) things some places would steal from inside and around a man. . . . as well as of the potential which the Reason behind conflict and amassing attempts to steal from an entire species in each passing generation.

Tuesday —— May 15 2018

       I spent much of the day of E. (on the Fenno-Swedish name-calendar) educationally and speed-affectingly, with Southern European languages (four you would know & one you wouldn't) and with my vintage ride; but I would've rather spent the whole day with a certain Benutzerin of, doing much more questionable co-editing 'work'.

Friday —— Dec 1 2017

       After not hearing back from the computer repair place, I paid them a personal visit today. Witnessed the whereabouts and superficially good condition of my property and was again promised a go-to engineer's situation report (by the Diensthabender), this time "before tomorrow". However, at this writing the business hours are over and I have still not been contacted. Should such customer-flouting attitude and silence persist past the weekend, I shall reclaim my laptop on Monday.

Wednesday —— Nov 29 2017

       Added this page with the help of a USB stick and a public computer. Will meet with a paid computing consultant today.

Tuesday —— Nov 28 2017

       Feigning a flawless internet connectivity, my one-year-old HP home laptop can no longer find web pages after an automatic shutdown from low power. Repair attempts with a network reset, Windows 10 diagnostic tools, rebooting etc. proven useless.